• This is not a service to replace haveibeenpwnd, we just have a greater queryable dataset. You should always use HIBP to check if you've been involved in any breaches.
  • This project is created by Lloyd Davies @LloydLabs & Charlie @su__charlie, of Edinburgh Napier University.
  • Email addresses are not tied to a first and last name within our dataset; they exist as separate entities.
  • We attempt to anonymise your request as much as possible. We don't collect any sort of telemetry data on what you're searching/where. It's not in our interests to harvest your data, that's not what this service is for.
  • Our technology stack is Cloudflare, Nginx, Flask, Redis & ElasticSearch. Data is encrypted at rest using X-Pack.
  • Our backend just returns yes or no if the entity is within the index, no sensitive data is exposed in transit.
  • The data and site reside in OVH's London datacenter.
  • You can request for your data to be removed from our dataset. Note, this is only the dataset queryable on the site.
  • You should always take a zero-trust approach to everything on the internet; we're not asking you to trust us.
  • Yes, there is WhoisGuard on the domain. This is due to data protection laws in the U.K. regarding personal information on WHOIS records.
  • If you are concerned about your privacy whilst accessing the website, install Tor Browser.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this, You can contact us: